A Smarter Approach to Commits Browsing with GitSense for Bitbucket Server

Right now, if you want to review multiple commits with Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab, you'll have to review them, one by one.  There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but there is a much better way.  And in this blog post, we'll show you how GitSense for Bitbucket Server, can do just that.

Having to review multiple commits, to answer questions like:

  • What changed in project X, in the last few days?
  • What was changed by Jira issues X, Y and Z?
  • What was changed by developers X and Y?

and so on, are typical day to day enterprise questions, and if you can only answer:

"What was changed by this commit?"

as opposed to

"What was changed by these commits?"

making sense of what has changed, can present some challenges.  And that's because, it can be difficult, to put their collective changes, into context.  However, with the GitSense add-on for Bitbucket Server, GitSense can put these changes into context for you, and to demonstrate how, we'll use it, to help us answer:

What changed in GitLab CE / EE master, in the last seven days, excluding merge commits?

If you are wondering why GitLab?  Its because their repos are publicly accessible and they best represent, what you would expect to find in most enterprise environments, with:

  • Lots of developers
  • Lots of changes
  • Lots of active releases

so lets get started.  And if you want to try what is shown in the videos belows, you can play around with the GitSense addon at http://bitbucket-server-demo.gitsense.com


Create the GitSense Changes Tree
Navigating the Tree
Pruning the Tree
Browsing Commits, One by One

Create the GitSense Changes Tree

The secret sauce, for a smarter way to browse multiple commits, is the GitSense "changes tree".  With this tree, you can view every change, from every commit and it only takes seconds to build.

Navigating the Tree

With the tree built, you'll find every file/directory, has a number beside it.  These numbers, lets you know, how many times a file/directory has been changed. 

Pruning the Tree

If the tree is a little too noisy, you can always prune it, so it only show changes, that you are interested in.

Browsing Commits, One by One

If you need or prefer to browse the commits, one by one, GitSense can help you with that as well.  With GitSense context's, you can always be sure, the commits being reviewed, are always relevant.

So as you can see, a little context, can go a long way. 

If you work in enterprise, GitSense for Bitbucket Server, maybe the time saver, you never knew you needed.  Also, expect major updates to the changes tree, as we evolve it, to become the ultimate diffing companion.  With the planned updates, you will be able to quickly and easily diff any two files, from any branch, in any repo, at any point in time, so stay tuned to learn more.

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