Code Tree Browsing in Bitbucket Server with GitSense

If you do a lot of code reading in Bitbucket Server, you maybe painfully aware that, reading code with a tree, is currently not an option and judging by BSERV-3926, won't be one for a while.  If you are like me and believe tree browsing, to be a must have, for efficient code browsing, you'll be happy to hear, GitSense now makes this possible.  With our uniquely GitSense changes tree, you now have the option to browse your code, without having to jump from one page to another. 

If you would like to install GitSense for Bitbucket Server, you can download both the GitSense Server and Bitbucket addon-on for free.  And if would like to play around with the add-on, you can do so at  If you are learning about GitSense for the first time, we recommend you read our previous blog posts, to learn more.

Enable Code Browsing

To enable code browsing, switch to the "Changes tree" tab and then click the code icon. 

And from then on, you can browse the changes tree, like a regular source code tree.  And because this is still a GitSense tree, you can also use it to dig into your codes history, which is something GitLab and GiHub users can't do with Octotree.

If you are looking for a smarter way to browse your code, GitSense for Bitbucket Server, may be the solution you are looking for. 

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