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Search for code, commits, diffs, and pull/merge requests on any branch, from any repository - in any combination.  With GitSense, you no longer have to question or double check search results in GitHub, GitLab and VSTS for branch relevance.  With GitSense, you will always know.

Browse better

Browse efficiently and communicate more effectively, with advanced context driven browsing by GitSense.  Browse and share multiple repositories, branches, commits and pull/merge requests at once.  Working any other way, will seem antiquated, once you've browsed with GitSense.

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Making sense of your codes history couldn't be easier.  Just point and click to compare and analyze changes across repositories, branches, commits and file revisions.  And for deeper insight, execute an always relevant search, to quickly drill into Git's history.

Review better, together

Speed up code reviews with always relevant searches, at the glance insights, and more

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Search comparison

Searching for commits, code, diffs and pulls/merges with GitSense, just makes sense

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