Development metrics done right

Automatically turn code history and pull requests into actionable insights that developers and leaders can get behind.  Yes, developers!

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Metrics you can trust

GitSense takes development metrics very seriously and is focused on ensuring everyone can trust and use what they see.

Numbers with context

A single line change can take more work than a hundred and with GitSense, developers can easily explain how and why with code level tracing.  With code level tracing, developers and leaders can always go from insights to code, to ensure numbers can always be put into context.

Useful for developers

GitSense isn't designed to measure developers, it's designed to help them.  With GitSense insights, developers can quickly identify domain experts.  Detect collisions between pull requests.  Track code changes across repositories and much more.  GitSense is a tool that everyone can use, which ensures everyone can see value in software metrics.

Easily verifiable

GitSense doesn't store aggregrated code history like other analytics solutions, which means you can easily slice and dice your codes history to validate insights and to surface new ones.  Every line change, from every commit can be easily reviewed and analyzed, which makes verification a cinch and more importantly, allows you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Work better, together

From developer to CEO, GitSense provides a unique view into the software development lifecycle that can help everyone work better, together.


See software development and teamwork in a whole new light.

  • Prevent problems from arising with continous code monitoring which ensure nothing changes without you knowing.
  • Take teamwork to a whole new level with team insights that lets you instantly see what everybody is working and offer a helping hand when needed.

Maximize team performance with data-driven insights your team can trust.

  • Eliminate unnecessary and distracting team updates with self-service insights that lets you see exactly what is happening in your team in real-time.
  • Create individual and group profiles for your team to help you quickly identify patterns and anti-patterns in your team to help them move forward and grow.

Bring business intelligence to the software development lifecycle.

  • Use objective data that can only be gathered at the scale that GitSense can to help drive efficiency and align your engineering departments
  • Better understand how open-source software is used in and outside the company to help engineering departments better manage resources and to spur innovation.

Mac, Linux and Windows

Get started with one simple command.  Install GitSense in the cloud, in your data-center or even on your laptop in less than a minute. 

# Copy and paste the following command to download and start GitSense.
docker run \
    --rm \
    --detach \
    --name gitsense \
    --volume gitsense:/opt \
    --publish 3347:3347 \

# Success! GitSense is now up and running and can be accessed on port 3347 on your
# docker host machine.  Click here for setup instructions.