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GitSense seamlessly integrates with GitHub, GitLab and Visual Studio Team Services to provide a truely unique and powerful search and analytics experience.

Work smarter, not harder

Innovative features to help boost developer productivity in GitHub and GitLab

Search & analyze any branch

Search for code, commits, diffs and more on any branch, from any repo, in any combination.

Seamless searches

Search as you normally would to take advantage of case sensitive code searches and more.

Search → blame → trace

Quickly find and trace a piece of codes history with rapid search→ blame → trace combos.

Quick diffs builder

Just point and click to diff commits or revisions on the same or different branches.

File history tree

Simply traverse a tree to view any change, from any commit, on any branch.

Rapid browsing

Speed discovery with rapid GitSense commits, changes, and merge requests browsing.

Review code faster

Speed up code reviews with GitSense code change analytics and search

Search and analyze

Search and analyze pull/merge requests from any repository, in any combination.

Track reviewed

Keep track of what has and hasn't been reviewed, to ensure nothing gets missed.

Divide and conquer

Turn complex code reviews into managble ones with GitSense divide and conquer.

Search comparison

Searching with GitSense, just makes sense

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GitSense for open-source

Need insight into your favourite open source projects?  If so, we can probably help with that.  Browse our public GitSense server to see what is currently gitsenseable. 

And if your favourite open-source project is not gitsenseable, send an email to and we'll see if we can't bump up its indexing priority.

GitSense Server Free Edition

Turn any Git repository, into a gitsensable one with GitSense Server FE.  It only takes minutes to install and you can install as many servers as you need.

Find answers faster.  Get more done.

It only takes seconds to start working smarter.

To install the GitSense Chrome extension manually, please refer to the install instructions at GitHub or GitLab